Background Janek Vluggen


Born and raised in the Netherlands and since more than thirty years practicing in Germany, Janek Vluggen D.O. MRO-D, EDO®, started his Equine Osteopathy journey together with friend and fellow osteopathy student the late Pascal Evrard D.O.

The two innovators made a pact, and where Pascal Evrard developed the structural techniques applied to the horse as documented in his book “osteopathy structurel appliqué au chéval”, Janek Vluggen developed the visceral techniques in relation to the autonomic nervous system of the horse as a methodological protocol for visceral osteopathic assessment according the latest insights of the modern osteopathy.

As Pascal Evrard tragically died in a car accident in 2004, Janek Vluggen continued his work and teaching and founded “The Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy and Education” and started teaching canine and equine courses simultaneous in Europe and the United States.

As today the Vluggen Institute has educated and trained according the standards of the Can-Med model for medical educational institutions, more than 400 veterinarians, equine and human chiropractors, human osteopaths, physical therapists and bodyworkers in the applied principles of equine osteopathy in all continents of the world as registered within the International Register for Equine Osteopaths (the IREO) as Equine Diplomat Osteopath EDO® a title registered and copyrighted worldwide as a quality wordmark standardized and controlled by the IREO, for the horse community and the veterinarians to recognize the truly educated and registered equine osteopath.

The Vluggen Institute is very proud to be one of the leading forces onto global recognition for animal and in particular equine osteopathy, where the interest and recognition by the veterinary community worldwide is obviously increasing as shown by the latest scientific researches and studies started at various universities around the world.